03. 28. 18

Entertainment Teens: If it can remind you of something that’s happened in your life, or of something you felt, then we’ve connected. To make that connection, to feel something based off of a three-minute piece of music, then I think that’s beautiful.

03. 08. 18

BEARBERRY17 INTERVIEW: The writers at #bearberry are amazing talented! They spent so much time helping me to get my story out! I wish this amazing opportunity for all young upcoming artist like me! We COULD NOT do it without you! James

02. 17. 18

ROCK YOUR LYRICS INTERVIEW: I love a thoughtful interview – it allows me to connect with my fans more. Shoutout to #RockYourLyrics for the opportunity!

01. 23. 18

VENTS MAGAZINE INTERVIEW: Don’t Say is one of those feel good jams that really gets you moving to the beat. We did our best to make it fun and relatable.

01. 20. 18

PENSEYEVIEW INTERVIEW: Ayeee!!! #penseyeview you rock! Thank you so much for the kind words! I am super excited to speak with you guys again soon! #donteverchange

12. 08. 17

SOUND OF MADNESS INTERVIEW: One of my favorite interviews was with #SoundOfMadness! Thanks for giving me the chance to share my story, and  and the comparison to some of my favorite artists, #ShawnMendes and #CharliePuth. :)

10. 09. 17

FRESNO BEE ARTICLE: The #fresnobee was super cool to do a second article on me this week with #thebigfresnofair being in town!  I had an amazing time hanging out with all the gang at #ksee24 and playing live on the news!  What a day!

10. 06. 17

FRESNO BEE ARTICLE: Hey Fresno! I had a blast playing for you at #thebigfresnofair this year! There is nothing like playing for your home town! I can wait until next year #corndogs and #cinnamonrolls!

10. 03. 17

CMAC VIDEO PERFORMANCE: #cmac Fresno has been super supportive to me!  Special thanks to my best buddy Bob @starvingartistbistro for always believing in me and making such amazing strides to open doors for me!  Love you brother!

09. 12. 17

SMP ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Today I talked with #screamingmatchproductions and had a really great time. Special thanks to everyone who participated in writing this cool article!  James

08. 11. 17

EXPOSED VOCALS ARTICLE: When I first heard #exposedvocals was putting me in rotation at #phoenix98 I was so stoked!  You guys are awesome!  Thanks for the opportunity guys!  James

08. 11. 17

EXPOSED VOCALS INTERVIEW: Another great interview with #ExposedVocals – I really couldn’t do what I do without your support. I’ll be back with more stories and music VERY soon!

08. 08. 17

INSTAGRAM: ahhh This was DOPE – I’m so excited I got to share a clip of my video with Just Jared. More to come! I can’t wait to show you guys what else I’ve been working on.

07. 27. 17

VENTS MAGAZINE INTERVIEW: Loved choppin it up with #VentsMagazine and having the opportunity to share what’s going on with everyone! I have a lot of cool things happening right now and hope to share them with you soon!

03. 21. 17

TMI ARTICLE: Spending the day at #awesomenesstv with #kristenhancher and doing her live Instagram show was so lit! #raeganbeast and I had a blast making a to my new song #keepitmovin! Thanks again Matt and all the people at #teenmusicinsider #Mattdugan!

10. 20. 16

THE FEATHER ONLINE INTERVIEW:Thank you to all the people at #thefeather for believing in me! I had such a great time working with everyone on this. I am looking forward to the next interview and sharing what I have been up to this year! James